Antigua Pier Group Ltd. (APG)
25 Vendors Mall
P.O. Box 662
St. John’s, Antigua

Telephone: (268) 562 - 7645

Fax: (268) 562 - 6945


Through various initiatives with the Government of Antigua and Barbuda, the Antigua Pier Group Ltd (APG) is entirely committed to meeting the needs of cruise lines and cruise passengers and preparing for the future. 

Incorporated in June 2000, the company operates as a joint venture with the Government of Antigua and Barbuda, the St. John’s Development Corporation, the Antigua Port Authority and Key Properties Limited with the objective to evaluate, develop and secure opportunities for the advancement and sustainable growth of Antigua as a leading cruise ship destination.   Fundamental to this objective is the management, upgrading and development of the St. John’s cruise complex. 

APG is also responsible for marketing and all activities associated with cruise ships entering and berthing at the facility, the installation and maintenance of all necessary markers and navigation aids within the complex, line handling, approach channels and turning basins, the supervising and licensing of all pier to ship connections, sub-contractors, tour operators, ground handlers and/or their ship agents, line charges, water sales, garbage collection, sludge collection, bunkering, tour operations, security and insurance issues, and the collection of head tax revenue derived from the ships.

APG’s strategic vision also includes developing the overall visitor experience available to be enjoyed by cruise line guests visiting Antigua.  The company is working closely with principal partners including the Government of Antigua and Barbuda, its division of Marine Services and Merchant Shipping,  Bryson’s Shipping and the St. John’s Development Corporation to identify potential for future growth in ship handling and other infrastructure facilities.

Plans are in place to improve and enhance the ambience and viability of the entire downtown St. John’s Waterfront.  The project includes a street, sidewalk and signage program, visitor and taxi centre, pedestrian walkways, expanded parking facilities, upscale designer shops, restaurants, bars and landscaping.  There is also the potential for the development of a fifth berth at the Deepwater Commercial Port to accommodate the newer and larger mega ships.

When such improvements are completed, cruise passengers will have the luxury of stepping directly off the ships and onto one of the most beautiful and ultra-modern ports in the Eastern Caribbean.










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